So which conspiracy do you believe in?

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I found the following at

it seems gov. tries to hack the reformist websites to insert fake statement. Mousavi’s website is the only remained connection #iranelection

It’s impossible to decide the truth value of this statement.

It’s like saying: there’s a conspiracy. But you don’t know about it because of the conspiracy. So because you don’t know about the conspiracy, there is a conspiracy.

There are two things to consider here:
A conspiracy that influences our sphere of knowledge cannot be proven.
… But neither can it be rejected as illogical.

This last point is usually not taken into consideration. Probably because the burden of proof is laid upon the person who suspects a conspiracy. … which rationally is unfair, but, to be honest, is the only practical way to handle this world (… which of course the conspirators take advantage of). But actually, this default way of handling conspiracies is dishonest, because the person presuming there is no conspiracy usually does not take into consideration that his/her judgement might be contaminated by the conspiracy itself. In other words, how does the one who takes the ”objective” view of things really know that his or her view is actually ”objective” and not actually biased?

So the person believing in a conspiracy could point out to the person who, without further discussion, disbelieves the conspiracy to be a bit dishonest. But the unbeliever’s behaviour wouldn’t be unfair though, because it would be too time consuming for any human being to consider every conspiracy theory out there, wouldn’t it?

When it comes to this type of information-distorting conspiracies, it all comes down to belief, really, since neither party can either prove itself or disprove the other. The tragic part is when one or both parties aren’t satisfied with belief, but begin organizing to the point that they begin to infringe on the rights of others. (This has been typical of certain ideologies or religions which find fuel in suspicion of conspiracy).

But there is another way of seeing the whole situation: Since it all boils down to belief anyway, people across boundaries can seize the opportunity of taking on a new ”conspiracy belief” together: the sacred belief that we are siblings, that despite everything happening around us, we are brothers and sisters, that we are of a common ancestry, and there are bounds between us that cannot be broken!

This does challenge the objective world view though, since what this says actually is that we can make up our own minds on what will be true for us or not. But I also see this as a genuine ”act of faith”: ”… if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.” (NASB Matthew 18:19).

Pontius Pilate on the steps of the Sydney Opera House

Pontius Pilate on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. By Christopher Chan @ flickr. cc-by-nc-nd-license.

So we can revisit the question why Jesus didn’t answer Pilate’s question: What is truth?
Could it be because a verbal answer wasn’t the optimal way af revealing to Pilate the conspiracy of love going on there at that moment? The best way of making Pilate think was not answering the question at all, but instead to demonstrate it, demonstrate the Truth. (… his question was hypothetical, for he would had brushed off any verbal answer, because he was probably of the philosophical view that no man could know the Truth …)

Jesus’ silence was like saying: ”Oh yeah, Pilate, your are cooool! I mean, who gets the chance of asking the Messiah the grandeur question of What is Truth? … and not even getting an answer back! Ha! I mean, man! That is coooool! … I’m not gonna take that away from you Pilate! But do you know what is cooler than coool? It’s having the real choice of being friend with whomever you like without really having any substantial reason for it. … And so that’s what I’m doing for you right now King Pilate. You might not see it today, but you’ll see it tomorrow: You’ll be given the opportunity of becoming cool just like Me: Cooler than coool! That’s the brutal Truth (… and we’re talking _brutal_ here!…), the brutal Truth that will be given as a true Gift to every human living on this earth. But it’s hard to explain the Truth of that conspiracy, because Truth is an Action, it’s Me. But one thing is not too hard to do (… the hard thing is believing that it’s really cool!…): It’s believing in the Truth of this conspiracy, in the conspiracy of Friendship and Siblinghood, and then you, Pilate, will experience Real Coooolness! Like Morpheus said: ”… sooner or later you’re going to realize … that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Walk the path, Pilate, don’t necessarily understand it; just follow Me, and you’ll get the hang of it!”

So which conspiracy are you going to believe in?


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