The Moon and the Mystery of Life

maj 25, 2010 § Lämna en kommentar

Acacia Evening Moon

Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Stunned by the twists and turns in life, I gazed out through the window at work, and was even more stunned at what was and probably will be the most astonishing sight I will see through that window: a yellow ivory jewel prying at me amidst concrete walls, set in a blue wind-swept evening sky. … And it struck me: what probably most of us view as the most beautiful sky object does not own its own rays, but transforms the sun’s rays as it reflects and shares the immense light it receives from the sun. … This is the Mystery of Life: Life does not take, but gives, shares continuously. That is the beauty of Life, this is were Grace and Beauty coincide perfectly. Just give what you’ve received, don’t try keeping anything. Give freely, because you have received freely! … Reflect the Beauty of Light!!!



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