I am the resurrection and the life … compared to poker! – John 11:17-29

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There is two ways to understand these self-referred words of Jesus. Either (A) Jesus is Life, … or that (B) Life is Jesus.

”uuummmm, isn’t that the same thing?” Well, only apparently. (A) That Jesus is Life, looks like another way of saying that Jesus is of the Godhead, and is Life. That’s a powerful statement, but it does not touch the human dimension in the Messianic kind of way.

That Life is Jesus (B), on the other hand, is much more of a revolutionary statement: that Resurrection Life has entered the human realm through a single human individual and invested all of its eternal potential in one single human individual: Jesus the Messiah. ((B) is not the opposite of (A) or contradicts (A), but is on a much deeper level than (A)).

Zoë is all in! (cc by-nc-nd) by onishenko @flickr

Zoë is all in! (cc by-nc-nd) by onishenko @flickr

Compare Life with Winning in poker:

(A) would be then: Jesus knows the tactics of poker through and through and ,at the end of the day, he will Win.

Compare this to (B): Life bets an all-in! and it’s either Win it all or loose it all. Life pushes all its poker chips to the center of the table, and we hold in suspense what the other players will do! … and Jesus is the poker hand of Life, and Life has invested everything in this poker hand! … to win it all over Death! … And Life goes forth to Lazarus grave and shoves all the chips forward and challenges Death by saying ”Lazarus, come forth!”

Imho (B) rhymes more with Jesus Messianic mission: All Life, Life of God and life of the world and creation are all invested in one individual Jesus, and if He is victorious, then Life will at the end be victorious. But if Jesus fails, then Life fails, and the world will fade away according to the second law of thermodynamics! …

God’s Life made an all-in! … And a matter of fact: Jesus did stand up from the grave!!

_ _ _

Isn’t it a coincidence that the dog in the photo’s called Zoë, which is Life in Greek?!


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