The only thing left is remaining in Him and his Words remaining in me

maj 9, 2011 § 4 kommentarer

The only remaining thing I hold any faith in is Jesus, the Messiah, himself. The continuing loss of faith has continued for many years, but it’s only since a year ago that I realized that it was actually only Jesus I trust in.

I lost trust in theology and dogmatic structures.

I lost trust in how man interprets the scriptures.

I lost trust in tradition.

I lost trust in the church.

What I have left is Jesus, … and my brothers and sisters, … and the world.

… And that’s enough according to John’s first epistle: ”He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.”

A parallel process has been ongoing in my inner man for some time: to know the words of Jesus more intimately. Sometimes I get the feeling that I and other Christians know more of the other books of scripture more than the Gospels themselves; and it feels like sometimes we almost disregard what Jesus himself declare. If we are unsure of some dogmatic point, we would listen to Paul more than Jesus himself. There’s something very wrong with that. Now, my thirst is for the words of Jesus. I want to know his words. And that’s enough according to Jesus: ”If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; …” John 8:31 (emphasis mine).

Probably these two processes described above are the same process: my life centering all the more and finally only on the Messiah himself.

I found the following quote of Umberto Eco, see photo.

Quotes Set: Sunday 6.22.08 The World (cc by-nc-nd) by Dia™ @flickr

Quotes Set: Sunday 6.22.08 The World (cc by-nc-nd) by Dia™ @flickr

I share Eco’s world view except that also Jesus is an enigma, and we shouldn’t try to solve the mystery of Him. And only in his humanity is the truth, and we shouldn’t try to find the truth in any theology that’s apart from his person.

_ _ _

I will lay up a page on this site, called something like ”The Words of Jesus”, on which all the meditations of Jesus’ Words on my blog will be accessible.

_ _ _

The photo is a self-portrait of Dia™ @ flickr. She looks very much like my favorite Milla Jovovich. Visit her site by clicking on the photo.


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§ 4 svar till The only thing left is remaining in Him and his Words remaining in me

  • Emanuel Hai skriver:

    Amen brother, more focus on Jesus Christ!

    When you write ”I lost trust in theology” do you consider that your statment ”The only remaining thing I hold any faith in is Jesus, the Messiah, himself” itself is a theological statement? You haven’t lost faith in theology just some certain theologies!

    The relationship between the wordings om Jesus and Paul is quit interesting! I think I get your point that we have to focus more on the words of Jesus in the gospels. But I don’t think the wordings of Paul is less good than the wordings of Jesus in the gospel. I think that Paul relates to an early tradition (from the apostles themselves). Why would he otherwise distinguish between his own words och Jesus’ words in 1 Cor 7 if he’s words didn’t correspond with the words of Jesus?

    Have a nice day!

  • pataphysicsofsimulacra skriver:

    Thank you for your response, Brother and Friend!!

    Of course, you’re totally right that ”faith only in Jesus” is formally also a theology.

    What I’m thinking about when it comes to the words of Jesus and Paul is when they seemingly contradict. To me, it would make most sense to see Jesus’ word as ”default” and then try to fit Paul’s word into Jesus’ word, … instead of the other way around. Of course, I don’t want to kick Paul out, but sometimes it feels like we’re not really listening to what the Master himself is saying … like the wagon in front of the horses, instead the wagon (Paul) after the horses (Jesus)! 😉

    Otherwise, what I wrote was pretty personal, and I am grateful that you have the empathy to see what I mean.

    Blessings to you!!
    Your Bro

  • pataphysicsofsimulacra skriver:

    … I also wish to explicate my thoughts on ”loosing trust in the church”: First of all, it doesn’t mean that I have _necessarily_ lost trust in those belonging to the church, rather it’s my confidence in the church as structure and institution that I find wanting.

    Second of all, this doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that there is a Church, but I’m not at all sure that it’s the same as the ”churches” that I have encountered. Maybe the Church is something else, in the midst of us, non-detected.

  • […] confessed in a previous blog post of mine, ”The only thing left is remaining in Him and his Words remaining in me”, I confessed that ”I lost trust in the church”. Well, that’s sound pretty extreme, even […]


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