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bhavin by UrvishJ
bhavin, a photo by UrvishJ on Flickr.

There is a world of compassionate sharing that is lost for the lost. I came across this quote today:

”Today we don’t seem to have as much of an appetite to wrestle with the biblical text as it relates to the daily issues of our lives and God’s authority over them. We seem to prefer simple answers that we can selectively embrace when convenient. Thus, much of what it means to be a committed follower of Jesus Christ today is often reduced to simple formulas of “how to” steps. As previously observed, all of us are familiar with this simplistic genre with its four principles of humility and five steps to Spirit-filled living. Such an approach would never have survived rabbinic scrutiny in the first-century yeshiva environment. Being discipled by Jesus was not a quick, fill-in-the-blank Bible study. He was not handing out “principles” (a non-biblical word and notion) for daily living. He came to reveal God’s Truth. In fact this whole Greek notion of biblical principles was alien to the world of the rabbis. It is to a Person, not a “principle,” that we submit.”

Source: Being a First-Century Disciple


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