Emo-Treff Manheim 14.3.’09…auf der Rhein Terasse…

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Seems that there weren’t any church buildings in early Christianity! Did the early Christians assemble like the emos, who just gather any time, anywhere, in any fashion! Read Justin’s testimony below.

 Justin Martyr, writing in the 2nd century, makes it plain that church buildings were nonexistent in his day and that the saints were not accustomed to meeting at any particular time or in any place. When Martyr was asked where he assembled, he answered thus:

”Where each one chooses and can; do you suppose that we all are accustomed to meet together in one place? Quite otherwise, for the God of the Christians is not confined by place, but being invisible, He fills the heaven and the earth, and the faithful everywhere adore Him and sing His praise.” 

Source: Men Who Would Be ”Kings” av John M. Bland


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