all the five senses

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all the five senses by Xax
all the five senses, a photo by Xax on Flickr.

Yeshua says: Blest is he who was before he came into Being. If you become Disciples to me and heed my sayings, these stones shall be made to serve you. For you have five trees in Paradise, which in summer are unmoved and in winter their leaves do not fall—whoever shall know them shall not taste death.

Gospel of Thomas 19
(quoted from

The above is probably from the 1st century. Manichaeism and Bardaisan, which the following comments about, is of later date:

… This basic anthropological importance of five, however, was likely drawn from 2nd-century Syriac philosopher Bardaisan, who according to Ephraim taught that all entities possess five aspects corresponding to the five senses. Each must have its own colour, its own smell, its own taste, its own texture, and its own voice; …


p. 89
Pentadic redaction in the Manichaean Kephalaia, by Timothy Pettipiece


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