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juni 29, 2011 § Lämna en kommentar

Southern Sky Planet by scroggins5000
Southern Sky Planet, a photo by scroggins5000 on Flickr.

Below you can read my original blog post, which I almost deleted after finding how controversial it is. But controversial subjects shouldn’t be a reason for censorship, but should be held open for debate.

Here is the development of the controversy: Marlo Morgan–Mutant Message Down Under: Timline.

Here is a Swedish article on the controversy: Budskap från andra…sanningen.

I see that even the book Black Elk Speaks, which can also be categorized as spiritual anthropology (see below), has a bit of controversy surrounding it. See Black Elk: Colonialism and Lakota Catholicism (review) and Black Elk Speaks – Academic Controversy @wikipedia.

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There is physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, social anthropology.

After reading Mutant Message : Down Under by Marlo Morgan, I understand there should be a field called spiritual anthropology.

Like cultural anthropology, where one compares the cultures of different peoples, spiritual anthropology would grant the opportunity to compare the spiritual sphere of different peoples.

In the book Marlo Morgan describes the Aborgine view of God being Oneness is strikingly similar to the Jewish confession of God being One.


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