Shawshank – 055

juni 30, 2011 § Lämna en kommentar

Quote from a post on IMDB:s message board, by gabby_bm:


What? This is the first I’ve heard of it! #1??? Way to go, Shawshank!!!

Really, Some of the greatest movies are also some of the most taste-applicable movies. I know some of my favorites are also hated or misunderstood. That’s what makes them great. It’s that it speaks specifically to certain people at a much deeper level than others. And some movies I hate, others just adore as one of their favorites because it speaks to them.

Shawshank, on the other hand, reaches a lower-common denominator that speaks to a much broader audience. It’s not that McDonald’s has the best burgers. It’s that they market to a much broader appeal.

Shawshank - 055 by Victor9098
Shawshank – 055, a photo by Victor9098 on Flickr.

This is why those All-you-can-eat buffet restaurants have food that has no flavor (and tastes like hospital food). If they started using more garlic, thyme and pepper, they would appeal to a much smaller audience.

And so it is with movies. Reduce it to a lower common denominator and you can make a lot of money and/or appeal to more people. And so it is with Shawshank.


I guess movies are like food.
This is why I am not particularly fond of Shawshank … :-S

p.s. I’m sorry if I blended such a nice photo with McDonalds (which I hardly ever visit om my own). I guess it reflects my disappointment with the film.


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