Dog participating in football. Is this a record?

september 11, 2011 § Lämna en kommentar

This must be a part of football history. Has anything like this happened before in such an important high-profile match? Not as I have heard of.

A dog participates in the second and decisive test match in Ireland and Australia’s annual International Rules football challenge for like 5½ minutes In Dublin’s Croke Park. Besides having a ball(!), the dog was enjoyed by 60,000 spectators back in 2004, according to the BBC article which also tells us that the puppy escaped from the family’s yard and eventually found the arena 8 miles away.

[see bbc article for a good picture of the dog]

From the following broadcast footage, you actually see the dog participating in the game!

One of the commentators says: ”the dog is one of that fastest movers on the pitch”.

Here is footage from a spectator’s camera:

One would wonder why the referee wouldn’t pause the game and demand to get the dog off the ground. Well, I figure that the dog, like other animals are seen as neutral objects in the match, like the goal posts. My best guess is that the referee had no obligation to pause the game, and he probably didn’t want to, for reasons of not letting the players catch their breath for too long (… could be unfair). Or, maybe the referee didn’t have the right to pause the game for that particular reason: Rules are rules.

Followin pics taken from a videoclip from liveleak, Dog Joins Rugby [sic] Team. (… btw it’s not rugbys). It’s the same vid as above.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.


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