Classification of emoticons

oktober 24, 2011 § Lämna en kommentar

I found an article with an attempt to classify emoticons: Are emoticons words, symbols, or what? Consider this possibility . . .

Here’s my take, which I posted as a comment to the article:

”For me, the question of what emoticons are, is identical to what an exclamation mark is (besides being a punctuation mark). They are ”words” that express a mood or feeling rather than representing a linguistic unit. The muscles of the human face accurately express an abundance of feelings which is readily understandable by the receiver. In this sense an emoticon is a symbol that more or less accurately represenents a facial expression which is just as much language as spoken language or body language. Why not give both the exclamation mark and emoticons the term ”emoticons”. The exclamation mark would then be a formal emoticon usable (with care) in formal writing. Many other emoticons, like the smiley, would be informal emoticons used in less formal writing, like emails and the like.”


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