”An undivided love”

februari 4, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

This coincidence feels pretty cool: I refered to Leonard Cohen’s new album in a blog, and then about how different love’s are actually different expressions of the same love in another blog post.
Then I listened to Leonard’s song ”Come Healing” on the radio and I hear these words:

O troubled dust concealing
An undivided love
The Heart beneath is teaching
To the broken Heart above

These words remind me of a line in the Lord’s prayer: ”on earth as it is in heaven”, though the song text is more like ”in heaven as it is on earth”? But what struck me was the vision of the healing of love, that the love in heaven och the love on earth need to unite in healing. … [edit] or actually love is undivided, but our troubled lives distract us from this undivided love, and probably distract this love of fully finding its place in heaven and earth!


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