Starbird – in her own words

februari 4, 2012 § Lämna en kommentar

Interesting to hear and see Margaret Starbird herself tell of her acquaintence to the subject area which she has devoted so much time to. It’s something else than just reading it, even if it’s her own words. She will probably be cited in the future since she is the academic that seriously stuck her nose out (do you say that in English?).

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Just struck me! I wonder if her surname has to do with the bird on the Star card in the tarot deck?

Star card of The New Palladini Tarot Deck

Star card of The New Palladini Tarot Deck

… o, just in case someone says, ”hey, isn’t that occult!”, i can retort that ”no, it’s probably originally Christian,” but like so many other things, it has been hijacked by all sorts of ”spiritual” circles. Btw, Margaret Starbird wrote a book about a possible setting of the Christian tarot deck. Probably why I thought of the tarot deck in the first place … 🙂


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