Riddled by platonic world view

januari 17, 2013 § Lämna en kommentar

After 40 yrs I’m still riddled by a platonic world view with pretense of being Christian. So strong is the spell, I don’t even have the language to live outside it. If I did adapt a language, it might sound a bit ”new age”. It’s all unchartered territory.

The split in this platonic world view has been between spiritual and material. That split has devastated my world.

So how would I describe this material world around me? … (And as you see, I’m still using the platonic language I’m so inbued with), If the materia around me is not spiritual or ”magical”, it at least tangents the spiritual. Or,  adapting both of these thoughts at the same time: All materia have a hue of the spiritual in them; there is a sense of ”magic” in everything.

So there is nothing meaningless in this world.


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