‟God blessed them and said to them, ‟Be fruitful and multiply! …””

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(Note: At least for the sake of argument, I will be reasoning from a traditional Christian perspective).

Now when the Pride festival is embarking in Gothenburg, I stumbled upon the this linked article from The Atlantic ”Where Masturbation and Homosexuality Do Not Exist”, where the sexual practices of the peoples (tribes?) of Aka and Ngandu in central Africa are described. What did the anthropologist couple Barry and Bonnie Hewlett find, without really looking for it? Well actually, that neither homosexuality nor masturbation seem to exist among either the Aka or the Ngandu. On the other hand, it’s the habit of every couple to have sex three or four times every night, which they call ”work of the night” for the production of children, which is important for them because of the high infant mortality rate among them.

"African Rainbow" (cc by) by jimshooz7 @flickr

”African Rainbow” (cc by) by jimshooz7 @flickr


There is not just one way that a people (and species?) can solve and live their sexuality.

For many Christians, homosexuality and masturbation are not seen as healthy traits. In that respect the Aka and the Ngandu have solved sexuality better than the Christian West have.

But then many Christians may frown upon that these people have 30 times as much sex as the people of Sweden, to take as an example. (3.5 times per night vs. 3.5 times per month). But if you would ask a Rabbi, he would say that these people really excel in obeying God’s ”first commandment”, i.e. the first commandment mentioned in the Bible: ”be fruitful and multiply”. This commandment has a prominent place in Judaism, (since it’s the first commandment mentioned in the Bible, which ”between the lines” means that the commandment is prominent in God’s and man’s world).

A strange but true conclusion: The Aka and the Ngandu have, in Biblical terms (if not the traditionally sexual hostile Christian terms), come to a truer sexuality than the Christian West.

So if the sexual behavior of the traditional Christian West have been molded by the Christians, could then the existence of homosexuality and masturbation in Western society be the fault of false Christian assumptions of what sexuality is really all about?

Question: Do the Christians who complain about homosexuality and masturbation in their society need to actually blame themselves who have been architects of their own society?

Moral question: If so, how should Christians approach homosexual individuals, if homosexuality is more a product of our social culture which we Christians have helped to mold?


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