”Jeet Kune Do” Bible Commentary

november 21, 2013 § Lämna en kommentar

I have for a long time been wanting to comment on the Bible. It hasn’t corporealized, but it may come about in a weird way: in the way of defense against Christian extremism. Then I reflected that this might be a very good way of shewing the messages of the Bible. It would be defense and offense at the same time: thus similar to the ”Jeet Kune Do” school of Bruce Lee, which means ”the intercepting fist”, i.e. a fist which affords defense and offense at the same time.

I will also try to imitate both the quickness and accuracy of kung fu, not having to be bogged down into details. This will necessarily entail  incompleteness and even errors. I will have to let the reader and myself keep this caveat in mind, letting the commentary be a process over time.

I will post the link to the commentary here in a near future.

A ”Hello World” is appropriate for this introduction, thus the Hebrew letters ”translated” into English letters and words:

2008-08-23 Sunset at Salsa - iPhone (01) (cc by-nc-sa)

2008-08-23 Sunset at Salsa – iPhone (01) (cc by-nc-sa)

Photo: ”2008-08-23 Sunset at Salsa – iPhone (01)” (cc by-nc-sa) by Jennifer Kiernan @flickr

_ _ _

Edit: I changed ”attack” to offense, since I am not attacking anyone. The offense is forwarding the Bible’s positive message.



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