What really is the Gospel?

mars 9, 2014 § Lämna en kommentar

With the ongoing clash between fundamentalist and liberal Christians, one ultimately come to the question: What really is the Gospel? This question has not been posed to me in this manner since I became a Christian. And now posed, I realize that my belief in what the Gospel comprises is quite different than when I became a Christian, in many things except Jesus himself.

When I turned to 1 John to find out any clues to what the Gospel is, I was stunned that at least two chapters in the middle of the epistle is dedicated to answering that question! But in a way not expected. Instead of saying what the Gospel is in one sentence, it describes it instead, using a handful of synonyms which then make facets of description to what can be said about what the Gospel is. And it does it in a way to make every description holographic, so it, at the same time includes and infers the other descriptions.

These facets of descriptions taken together give a deep understanding of what the Gospel is, which is both excluding and also very including, which makes it a dynamic definition. This is also what surprised me.

I don’t know why I/we haven’t seen this before. I’ll get back to this in another blog, but as a teaser I can already now tell which these facets are which 1 John wants us to see as synonyms: love, Spirit, only begotten Son come in the flesh, following commandments, God, trusting that Jesus is the Messiah.


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