Royal Flush in Hearts

maj 21, 2014 § 1 kommentar

Royal Flush is the highest hand in poker. What is the ”highest hand” in the Bible et al.? What is the significant defining words in Biblical history and the history of our world?

I would say Gospel of John, chapters 13-17. They are the Bible’s Royal Flush in my opinion. And which suit is His royal flush, someone may ask. Definitely Hearts! John 13-17 is the Bible’s Royal Flush in Hearts! The hinge of which all the history of mankind turns, and maybe of which all the history of the universe turns. This Royal Flush in Hearts tell why this world exists, why we exist, why the Messiah came, what the Messiah means for us, who God means for us.

During the Pesach (Easter), the accuser called on the Messiah to show his cards in a all-in. The accuser doesn’t know His hand, but the He tattle-tells his followers in John 13-17.

During the Pesach week, the Messiah shows his cards one by one.

And then during Shavuot (Pentecostal), the Messiah gathers everyone’s poker chips, including all of chips of the accuser!!


5/365 Royal Flush on the RIVER

5/365 Royal Flush on the RIVER

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”5/365 Royal Flush on the RIVER” by Ray Dumas @flickr


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