Kommentar på Bibeln / Commentary on the Bible

In this blog, I will begin to comment on Bible passages, which will be from the my layman perspective, thus not according to academic standards, but, nonetheless,  ambitious commentaries that want to make a difference. This does not mean that they will be necessarily long and complicated, but more like a note-book, and evolving over time.

I intend to tag every commentary with chapter abbreviations that stand for the chapter(s) that the verse(s) are situated in. If books per se are commented upon, then the abbreviations of the books will be used as tags too.

Later on, I will add here a list  of abbreviations used in the tags, so that comments can be searched by their tags.

The intention of the commentaries are at least twofold:

  • To offer a defense against Christian extremism, asceticism, dualism, extreme apocalypticism, and legalism.
  • To offer an alternative and meaningful way of reading the biblical scriptures, in the ambition of discovering what Jesus really wanted to give to those who follow him.


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